Ran Custom Vision

ok, I always get many PMs for info about my Ranguitars. So as Im a bit lazy Ithought Id just make a thread with alll the info and send them here.

I have a ran invader standard which is about 2 years old and a ran vision custom.

The most important thing to know is that they can make you ANY guitar shape you want in almost any material with any hardware and pickup combination you'd like. As the only built on orders they have 0 stock and the delay is always the same. 3 month exactly from the date you sind your money transfer untill the day the package arrives at your door. No funny business.

I paid 550€ for the invader and 600€ for the vision. But then you have to add delivery costs and your local VAT. That means I paid around 750€ total for the invader. Just be aware that since poland is part of europe their price have quite inflated.

How do these guitar play : well i think they are the best bang for the buck around. The best part is that you get 100% custom instrument for the same price as a standard one. The setup were great when I got them, great action and fret work. The sound, well Ireally cant tell any difference with my other guitars which are also emeg equipped (93 dean ml + 84 gibson flying V) Well, the vision is actually different as it is an EMG 85, very chugga chugga like.

Here are some pics

(the most pictures are bigger than displaed. Click them to view the actual size!)

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